CAC/UArctic Food Summit attendees comment on conference

Anonymous comments from attendees:

I was particularly interested in community greenhouses so it was good to see some sessions on that.

I have a new understanding of food security issues, impacts and initiatives and potential for progress.

Very good networking and putting faces to names.

Poster sessions were an excellent way to learn in-depth about projects taking place and meet the people who we can collaborate with.

The participation of indigenous people must be a priority in discussions on food security.

The workshop was excellent. I enjoyed learning about the different approaches in improving/building regional food systems.

The opportunity to interact with researchers from across the Arctic was eye opening. The challenges of the future of feeding Arctic peoples goes beyond one country.

The financial assistance provided by the OECD was instrumental in bringing the diversity and range of expertise to this meeting. This meeting could not have happened without their support.

The diversity of backgrounds was fantastic. Even more important was the commonality of the needs from diverse backgrounds.

I’ve been researching food security possibilities with an open mind and came here to get an idea of what I might have overlooked. Now I have a marvelous selection of contacts and resources to work with.


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